Dalton Day “Spooky Action at a Distance”


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I’m paraphrasing, but: uh oh.
The pockets of time we share
with one another are coming
loose, thread-wise. Pennies all
over the damn place &— look.
I don’t know why we associate
luck with Abraham Lincoln.
Most of our bones are useless,
if not hollow, like, you know,
birds. The facts aren’t helping.
It’s not a problem for you to
admit that accidents exist, that
the reason hearing your voice
played back to you is so notright
is because a seance must
occur modestly. I hear you, too.


Spooky Action at a Distance is a repeated attempt to reconcile the absurdity of loss. Dalton Day uses their signature cause-and-effect “logic” to jump from Laika the Russian space dog to Deborah Sampson to Dennis Gabor to Bruce Springsteen, all so they can ask: how are we supposed to look at a space that was once occupied? These humorous yet desperate poems couldn’t sit still if they tried, and, if their narrator is to be believed, that’s all they are trying to do.


Dalton Day is a recipient of a James A. Michener poetry fellowship and the author of Exit, Pursued (Plays Inverse), as well as several chapbooks, most recently Alternatives (Bottlecap Press). Their poems have been featured by Matador Review, The Offing, Columbia Poetry Review, PANK, and The Art Institute of Chicago, among others. They live in Atlanta.

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